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Ghost Writing (Story Commissions)


The general word count within my gallery for any given story is 1599 words.

I charge $0.025 per Word

A short story of any length will be tallied at $0.025 PER WORD, with a final price capping at $40.

=== DISCOUNTS! ===

The cost of any story I write will be adjusted to $0.019 if the story or prompt includes at least ONE of my own characters. They MUST feature a prominent role, though what that role is will be left you to decide.

I will reduce the price of any commission by an additional $0.002 if the prompt given to me includes a character, setting or element from a pre-existing property (ex. Resident Evil, Legend of Zelda, Dragon Ball Z etc).


I will NOT write any story concerning a topic I am not comfortable with--while I understand the large portion of my gallery involves fetish topics, I do NOT have many pieces that directly involve sexual conduction. I will NOT write a story that involves:
Direct Sexual Intercourse
Rape of ANY kind.
Sexual, Fetishistic or violent activites towards children/shota.
These are an absolute NO GO. As for other fetish content that I will or will not do, the best reference is my gallery; if you have seen it in my gallery, I will likely be alright with writing a story concerning it; when in doubt, ASK.
If you DO commission me, understand that the price IS variable but be prepared to pay the full price value ($40) in the event that the story expands.




Customer Reviews

"Worth every penny." - Duke89

"Different to what I had in mind, but in a good way! I enjoyed what I read." - Stonetouch



[DnD Character] Kainane Keahilani by The-Original-RPer
[DnD Character] Kainane Keahilani
Most beautiful of the stars, he shines glorious.
The Queen of Battle pauses for the calm of the kingdoms
Of the Vegali Duwnai in the Slumbering Sea.
May his blossoms ever flourish in the light.
The Sun rises to greet us, peaceful.
The Stars cradle our Home below their gaze.

- Vegali Song


Another bit of work on the Vegali race for my D&D campaign setting. I'm keeping details on them hush-hush for a reason but here is the art for the sample Vegali, Kainane Keahilani, a wizard of Divination. He's a bit smaller in build than others of his race but he is just as learned.

I am exceptionally proud of this one--I put a lot of work into this one and it took nearly twelve hours but he's finished and he is glorious. And why yes, that IS sweat that I managed to get onto him as well, thank you for asking!

The Vegali Race and Kainane Keahilani (C) :iconthe-original-rper:
[Wrestling] Devil Clutch by The-Original-RPer
[Wrestling] Devil Clutch
"I got a hunch," Dante remarked with a smirk, "That you're one of those guys that likes sniffing his own feet. Here, lemme help you with that!"
[Team Aeon] Day Off by The-Original-RPer
[Team Aeon] Day Off
Here we have a snap-shot of the 'baby-sitters' forTeam Aeon, all enjoying a day-off without the kids at a local amusement park! From left to right we have:

Garrote, Nocturne, Iconoclast and Witchfinder.

As you can see, they're having a good time and enjoying themselves before they have to go back to work as heroes (and anti-villains).
"Hey---Hey, you know, I was thinking maybe it would be best for me to just sorta--pop on out. I mean, it's not like it isn't an easy mistake to make, huh? Aheh--!"

It really was too, to the point of being unfair. How many people in the world could possibly be named 'Sebastian' and be an orphan of a sort AND have the same personality AND look the same as the one he knew AND sound the same AND have the same mannerisms AND be wandering around in the jungle claiming to have been taken in by someone named 'Tarot'. It was simply unfair to lable it as a coincidence and that was the testimony that the treasure hunter was sticking with as he looked into the immense face of his captor. Everything, until this point, had been so simple and pleasant and now, here he was begging for his life for a misunderstanding of all things!

He wasn't even the actual bad guy in this instance!

It didn't stop him from being wound up and up around the waist by the tip of the thick, scaled tail. Nor did it keep him from getting his face jabbed by the nose of his captor (which took up all of his vision in that moment with its enormity) and left Tarot a bit frazzled. The one holding him was having far, far too much fun with this. Tarot knew this guy too and he knew that he was enjoying himself and he personally hated that fact, Not that he hated Kenny but he'd had enough run-ins with the naga to know how this wuold inevitably end. Kenny would hypnotise him and likely leave him someplace or toss him out of the jungle or something. There was, of course, one key difference this time--ah but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Our hero had been in this jungle on numerous occasions and never had he heard anything about a feral child, nor had he heard anything about a Monkey King. Kenny had always been mum on all of those points and the forest was vast and deep and it made perfect sense that their paths wouldn't have crossed. Probably for the best too, though if they had crossed or if Kenny had mentioned that either of these two people were a 'thing' then they wouldn't be in this mess--or rather Tarot wouldn't be in this mess. You see, when a man hears the young kid that he's taken in under his wing is suddenly here in the jungle, calling some monkey son of a bitch his 'father', it leaves one a little bit pissed. Tarot knew all too well what kind of weird magical things a person could do to warp the mind of another and he'd sought out his young friend to save him.

He had too! For about five minutes at least. Having secured the struggling and kicking Sebastian, Tarot had been making his way out of the jungle with his friend in tow when the naga had intercepted him. And by 'intercepted' one could suppose the word meant 'snapped off the branch Tarot had just landed on and let him fall while simultaneously catching and releasing Sebastian'. That had been a dirty pull on its own. The dirtier pull came from the fact that Kenny had dropped him into the bowl and petals of a flower called affectionately in the wizard community Prediminis Violaceae.

Of course, Tarot didn't know that was the name of the large perwinkle-pettaled blossom that was just large enough to wrap its petals around him. He also didn't know that it was more commonly known as the 'Shrinking Violet' and that it was not a native to this jungle but that after the third or fourth poacher that had gotten ensnared by it, Kenny had figured out what it did to great effect.

"They say," Kenny smugly mused, holding Tarot up to his eyes with the tip of his tail for a moment before unrolling him like a yo-yo and then rolling him back up again. "That the flower was planted here by a 'giant' that the monnkeys said comes around here every so often. I've never seen him but eh, so long as he doesn't make a mess, I don't mind." Tarot gasped for air as he was almost dropped again before caught and yanked up once more. He wasn't having a good time, not like Kenny clearly was. He was getting dizzy and thirsty. At his current height of no more than three or four inches, the treasure seeker found Kenny's voice to be extremely loud, even at the quiet tone the naga was using--not to mention the musky smell coming from the naga which normally was...pleasant was now a bit much.

"Kenny, you have to believe me. If I had known it wasn't--"

"Up-bup-bup. You see, I didn't mind you coming around here because I figured you were harmless too. A lot of fun to wrap up and you kept me on the tip of my tail at times--" he tossed Tarot into the air and snagged him with said tip right out of the sudden rise, letting him dangle over his face now, "But you crossed a line. I told you to leave well enough alone but you just couldn't, could you...?"

"Kenny I didn't--uagh...."

At this size, Kenny's eyes were nearly full-body mirrors. That made it not only impossible to avoid seeing the spiral of colors that cut him off from pseaking but entirely unable to resist them. There was nothing else in his line of sight. It was simply a wash of those scintilating swirls of mind-numbing pulses. His face almost immediately went slack, so deeply entranced that his smile parted into a goofy grin and a tiny hint of drool caught in the corner of his mouth. 

"So I'm thinking maybe its time I crossed a line too. Just this once..." Oh but he did look smug. His eyes half-lidded, still roiling in those captivating colors as he lowered Tarot closer and closer. His formked tongue slid out and pressed against the tiny captive, Tarot's dazed face pressed against the large muscle, his hands limply pushing on its out of reflex as he was held there. The tongue curled around his chin almost in a caress. The lips parted, corners tilted up to continue grinning as his tail slowly, very slowly, undid itself from around the treasure hunter, letting him slide onto the tongue and past the teeth.

Tarot regained his senses just in time to look back and see the sharp fangs closing behind him and the slick appendage wrap around him and draw him back from the teeth...

"So, the fake Tarot is gone?"


"And he won't be coming back?"


"Alright. Thanks, Kenny. I don't know why dad says you're so dangerous."

"I haven't the foggiest either," the naga replied with an innocent shrug of his broad shoulders, fingers drumming on his stomach as he lounged on one of his many favorite sunning spots. "Now I need a nap--" his tail looped around Sebastian, yanking him close, nose to nose, as his eyes burst into those shifting hues--Sebastian, too surprised to resist, soon was lost in their colors as the coil wrapped around him more and more. "So why don't we rest here for a bit, hmm? I need 'process' everything that's happened today."

"Hok--aay--" the young man nodded, yawning, eyes drooping and smile widening. "Jus'...minughts..."
[Request] Tarot-ble Misunderstanding
One of the requests from my 'Humbling of Tarot' campaign! This one from :icongeekgirl8:

Kenny (c) :icongeekgirl8:

All others (c) :iconthe-original-rper:
[DnD Character] Gannet Fenstanton by The-Original-RPer
[DnD Character] Gannet Fenstanton
"Fair is foul--and foul is fair. Hover through the fog and filthy air--"

He threw the words over the cauldron as he cast in the flowers, eyes focusing on he gruel-textured stuff that roiled within the metal container. He had no time to stop for anything else now. The hex needed to be placed if he wanted to have any chance of doing what had to be done.

"Round about the cauldron go, in the poisoned flowers throw--Flesh of man that's turned to stone, days and nights has thirty-one. Swelter'd venom sleeping got, boil thou first in the charmed pot..."

Drawing and adding the ingredients one after the other, following the rhyme he'd been taught by his mother as she had learned from her father and mother before her and so on and so on. Next would come the Circle but for the moment, he need focus solely on his work here. His thick hair writhed around his neck and face and he turned to focus his gaze entirely on the boiling broth, letting his locks roll, grow--extend--out and down and flip close the pages of the book while he paid complete attention to the spewing and smoking stuff before him.

"Double, double--toil and trouble..."


A Dungeons and Dragons character of mine that I use in Roleplay and MMOs, Gannet Fenstanton is a witch. Skilled in the Craft and taught by his mother who learned it from her parents and ever on up the family tree, he is a man with a tongue that could cut glass and a desire for privacy that would make a hermit blush. Of course when you're hunted by the church and rustics this last part makes sense--even so, he's a good soul when he works up the urge. His hexes and spells are used more to help than harm, and when they do harm they are usually for the sake of others...usually.

And yes, that broom is NOT just for sweeping--and yes, he CAN cackle. He doesn't do it often but he DOES cackle.

Gannet Fenstanton (c) :iconthe-original-rper:


The-Original-RPer has started a donation pool!
3,089 / 32,000
My laptop has, once again, died. While I CAN afford a new one, I am looking to move and so offsetting the cost of a new one by any amount obviously would be a huge help to me! I am not one to beg for funds but since commissions seem to be untouched at the moment, I figured I'd set up a donation pool to help with the new laptop.

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If I did a LiveStream of my 3D art stuff, would you watch? 

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Tarot By Das Ratsel by The-Original-RPer

Well, the poll said that Tarot was in fact my most popular character! I'm very pleased and excited. So, with this month of September I've decided to challenge myself to write more. My job may be shifting soon and I may lose a lot of my free time to write SO I am going to offer a chance for recommendations on stories you'd like to see me write concerning Tarot! You can just remark in the comments what you'd like to see done, but it'll be even better if you give me a general idea beyond a simple premise--so here's a short set of questions you can use to help describe your prompt to me.

Remember, all of these will involve Tarot IN some kind of peril, not inflicting it on someone else. Give me as complete a description of the premise and peril--what form of peril it is, who or what is inflicting it etc.This can be anything from wrestling to hypnosis to transformation so long as it falls outside of the bounds of direct sexual content (namely non-consensual sex). My gallery is a good indicator for what I will most likely say 'yes' to if you need a hint!

If there's other characters you want to see involved be sure to mention them but keep the number of character relatively low. They can be my OCs, your OCs or characters from a video game or some other media! References/links to the characters will be helpful--and Ihate to be nitpicky but they should be male; I don't do this sort of thing with female characters I'm afraid.

Alrighty so, send them in! My goal is to see how many short stories about the perils of Tarot I can complete and remember that the more unique or creative the better! Get those brains working so I can get mine working and together, we can try to humble the incorrigible Tarot!


Rendered Commissions
Hallowmass Greetings by The-Original-RPer
Commissions for your various needs and interests! Basically, it's a simple set up, and while the slots will be small to start (simply so I can get a feel for things and how long it takes me etc.) I will be offering them.

Essentially, here is how it will work:

300 Points or $3.00 will get you a rendered scene with whatever you want. It will be one background environment and one character.

An additional 100 points or $1.00 will be added for each additional character.

An additional 50 points or $0.50 will get you a nice written 'story' to go along with the scene.

When I first finish the actual posing, before actually rendering anything I will send a copy of the unfinished work to see if it fits what you have in mind.

Content-wise, almost everything is alright, though I will not make anything that would be considered 'Mature' on DeviantArt in terms of sexual content. As far as my usual art 'topics' anything goes as long as, one again, the art itself will not fall into the category of Mature. I live with folks that like to burst into my room without knocking and frankly, I don't want to have answer more questions than I need to if that happens.

In addition, commissions will be moved to the top of the 'list' for requests. If you want to commission me, I will only accept payment via Paypal or Points here on DeviantArt.


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