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"Spooks--it's not that I don't appreciate it, really. I mean, I enjoy looking like I'm built like a tank, but some people--don't appreciate the tampering, I suppose." Tarot grunted, trying to wear a calm smile despite being wedged as he was between several crates, smooshed up against Saraku who was also wedged between the crates with him. It was a hell of a tight squeeze and Tarot honestly didn't know how the hell they were going to get back out again--even so, it was better than being out there at the moment. Saraku, or 'Spooks' as Tarot had taken to calling him after their first meeting, didn't say much, either because he couldn't or didn't feel the need to say something. His face was pressed against Tarot's chest so that might have been the reason for the silence at the moment.

What made things worse when it came to hiding was who they were hiding from at the moment. The person looking for them was pretty quiet on their feet to start with and Tarot was damn sure that he could continued to be just as light, even with the added fifty pounds of pure muscle and height that had recently been added to their body. To make things even trickier, the one hunting them presently was smart enough not to rampage around and so Tarot couldn't even rely on them making a lot of noise in the warehouse portion of his shop. He looked down to his gauntlet (or as best he could) and sighed. His little Spokks had gone through all the trouble of 'updating' it for him and now this whole mess...

"Look, it really is a great gift though, honest! I think it just needs a little fine-tuning is all."

"But it's gonna get you into trouble--!" Sakaru's mumbled reply finally came, and Tarot felt the smaller form grab his shirt. "I didn't mean for it to cause a fuss." The thief couldn't disagree with the odd being. The powerful enchantment is what got them into this mess in the first place. After their initial meeting and Tarot's first experience with the odd growing powers of his new friend, the--wow, Tarot really needed to ask Sakaru exactly what he was--had decided to give a more permanant gift by enchanting Tarot's gauntlet to allow for him to give himself a temporary growth spurt when he needed it. Sadly, several side-effects came about because of it, not the least of which was turning other people massive, whether they liked it or not.

And so, here they were, crammed in Tarot's warehouse behind his shop, doing their damndest to stay hidden from the latest victim of surprise muscle growth. Amazing how that was a thing... "Look, if anything happens, it's my fault. Yeah, sure, you enchanted the gauntlet but it's my own fault for being so liberal with it. You did an amazing job, re--"

Before he could finish his pep talk, the crate behind him was whipped away and sent flying backwards. Tarot yelped, turning and running the moment his legs met ground, holding Spooks close to his chest, shifting him up onto his shoulder. "Hold on and don't let go--we're about to--"


"Gods-dammit, would you stop interrupting me!?" Tarot snapped over his shoulder to their pursuer. "I am trying to be dramatic!" The only response he got was a massive stomp that sent a shock of vibrations through the floor, almost knocking him off his own feet. "Shit--! COME ON" he growled, catching a large ceramic urn that very nearly toppled over. "This stuff is expensive!" He placed it delicately back onto the shelf and looked over his shoulder again at the ten-foot tall, thickly muscled man that stormed towards him like a raging cloud.

"L-Look, Lon'que, really! It was just a joke!"

The truth of the matter was that it was far from a joke. In short, Tarot had tried to steal the pretty pin that the myrmidon wore on his sash--this was stopped, however, not because Lon'que had caught him, but because Tarot's gauntlet had activated on contact during the exchange, causing a spontaneous, unwanted and very untimely growth for the warrior. Yeah, it was one those kinds of days. Truth be told, Tarot didn't get why he was so mad; yeah sure he'd tried to steal from him but geeze, one little pin!

"I am going to crush you where you stand...!" Lon'que growled low in his throat.

"Promise?" Tarot grinned cheekily, obviously trying to lighten the mood. Lon'que responded by smashing his hand down, just missing the thief and his cargo.

"INAPPROPRIATE!" Tarot yelped, turning and running again, his joke obviously ill timed. Skidding around a stack of boxed up antique toys, and scuttling down the row til he passed by the sarcophagus that was currently trapped (a side project of Tarot's). He screeched to a halt, grinning up os Sakaru with a devious smile. "hey-hey, wanna know how you can make it up to me?" Sakaru nodded, looking a bit unsure. "Good!" Tarot retorted, jumping over the burial box and kicking it out from the wall with his foot. "When I tell you, you open the box, alright? Make sure you open it from behind though!"

Spooks seemed to understand and so, Tarot leaned it upwards and placed it against a solid wood wardrobe and a great statue of a unicorn. He felt the thumping of feet as they approached and Tarot looked to his friend with a smile. "And for your information, I happen to find angry, muscle-bound giant bent on stomping me flat entirely appealing! So you did good, no matter what it may look like, alright? And no matter what happens, know that everything is going exactly the way it should--kay? Trust me!"

Lon'que came around the corner a moment later, his dark eyes burning with anger as he loomed over Tarot. "You will pay for your tricks here and now, Thief. Be it through broken bones or blood, I will see to that." His hand lashed out and snagged Tarot's shirt, lifting him easily off the ground and eye to eye.

"C-come on! Can't we try and talk this out like men--?" Tarot grimaced, giving a weak smile. "Maybe some tea and--"

"The time for talk is finished."

"Stop interrupting me!" Tarot hissed again, rolling his eyes, even as his bare fett kicked in the air, more out of frustration at constantly being stopped mid-quip than anything else. "Now if you're gonna pound me into dust than hop to it. I have a birthday to get to and I'm not in the mood to piss around with you being a grump!" Tarot paused, as if waiting for the warrior to say anything--when he didn't and instead slammed Tarot down onto the ground, raising his foot to crush him underneath, Tarot let out a grunting 'NOW'!

Spooks did exactly as he was told, the sarcophogus opening and a flurry of bandages rushing forward as it spring-loaded from within. They reached and snatched, grabbing around the massive man's wrist. He grunted, biceps tightening and flexing to try and pull free but found it impossible. Another wave of wrappings found his neck and then leg and he was yanked forward with a powerful tug towards the waiting casket, bandages covering and tightening on more and more of his incredibly built bod. His arm disappeared inside and then his shoulder--then his head and other shoulder. It looked like at any moment he would be too big to fit, but a squeezing sound was heard as his body was twisted and turned into the 'proper' position as the last bits of skin was covered in the cloth restraints and the box slammed shut, closing in the muscle-bound myrmidon within its confines, despite his size.


"Happy Birthday!" Tarot beamed, holding the tiny pin in his now large fingers, extending it to Spooks with a smile. "Your present took a little bit to get but I managed!" The pin he'd been trying to nick had been intended for Sakaru all along--he only wished that his friend hadn't been there to see him get it in the first place. Ruined the surprise, right? He lay, at the moment, on his back, his own body grown giant sized with his odd little friend laying on his chest. A quick peck of a kiss on the top of Sakaru's head accompanied the gift as he grinned and winked.

"Hope you like it, little guy. I know it's not much but--I figured there's other ways to add to your gift," he chuckled, his laugh rumbling through his powerful chest as he hugged the smaller figure close. "Just get cozy while we digest that cake, huh?" The thief gave a smug look, popping another piece of the cake that had made him very huge (and very hungr) into his mouth as he said this.. "As you can see, it went straight to my hips--!"
A birhday gift for the stupendously sweet, wonderfully weird and all together fantastical :iconrottenheart6:

Also, not gonna lie but I'm on a Lon'que kick--I mean, no, seriously, hot damn he's a sexy piece of ass!

Sakaru (Spooks) (c) :iconrottenheart6:

Tarot (c) :iconthe-original-rper:

Lon'que (Nintendo)
RottenHeart6 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 8, 2015
My goodness, seems like you go through a lot of trouble to get gifts...but seems like you're used too, seeing how calm you took the fact that a giant Lon'qu was after you....or you were just enjoying yourself. hahah Glad I could help somehow~

But yep, the pin is a pretty nice gift....thought I do have to admit that being able to cuddle with a giant you while we enjoy some cake is the best part of the gift. I would give you my piece of cake if you want~ ;u;

This was such a nice and surprising gift! I really wasn't expecting this. Thank you very much for the nice Birthday gift. ^_^
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