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January 17, 2013
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Thief of Souls 6/9 by The-Original-RPer Thief of Souls 6/9 by The-Original-RPer
"Jeez, your soul is a right mess, kid!"

Terra looked, wide-eyed as he grasped onto attacker's arm, his mouth agape from shock and from the spell that was wrapping around him, forcing it to remain open while the soul--his soul--was ripped right out of it. He could see it--his own soul before his eyes...He grasped as tightly as his weakening hands could. He knew if he let go then that would be it. Somehow he knew that if his fingers slipped away, they'd never be moving again. He couldn't speak, only watch and listen.

"Look at that! Got all kinds of darkness on it. If anything, I'm doing you a favor, saving this before it gets any worse!" With an easy shake of his arm, he freed himself from Terra's hands, the body dropping lifeless to the ground, eyes closing. "Kids today--don't know how to take care of the things they've got," the Prince smirked to himself as he took this newest acquisition into himself. He smiled--despite all the darkness flecking this particular soul, it was still very warm.


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